Easy Power Supply Solution?

Hi There, I (perhaps somewhat naively) bought a clouds module with the intention of using it as a standalone audio processor for guitar and synth. I had no idea powering it would be so complex. Are there any simple solutions for this? Everything I have looked at online looks too complex and multilayered for my knowledge / skill level, is there anything I can buy off the shelf? Thanks for your help and sorry If I sound a bit dumb!


Please note that Clouds has never been intended to be used as a standalone module: it doesn’t have any built-in modulation. You’ll also need an LFO and/or Random source, and a VCA or attenuator.

I was going to suggest something like the Doepfer mini cases:

But yes, it will need some supporting modules, for all the reasons Olivier mentioned above.

Hi Both of you and thank you very much for replying.
Luap thanks for the recommendation -
would this also work?

Olivier - I realise now I made a mistake, I think the decision for me is whether to stop now or get into a very deep (but rather beguiling!) new sonic world.
Thanks again.

Im sure that Roland case would work, but it looks quite expensive to me. The little Doepfer one I showed is much cheaper (But also much smaller)

This might also be worth considering. Its the same capacity (84hp) as the Roland case, but half the cost.

Its hard to know what supporting modules to recommend though, as I don’t know exactly what you intend to do with your Clouds module. But they neednt cost you a fortune… Again, you’d likely find all you need from Doepfer (Bland to look at, but perfectly functional modules, I have several!)

At the very least, from Doepfer: A-118, A-145, A-183-1. Modulation, Random and an attenuator.

This case was made for a guitar to be processed by Euro modules

It looks very impressive on stage with your other pedals if you gig. It works perfectly if you want to go from guitar to modular back to guitar pedals or amps.

thanks everyone - getting very tempted! Really appreciate your help, may come back with more questions if that’s ok.

I think Peaks, Links & Kinks in that Pittsburgh stomp box case would make good partners for Clouds.

A patchbox with Clouds, Maths and Disting MKIII

Is the patchbox really that big or is it just in your dreams?

@barksten: The Patch box is 42 HP. It also has a 5V rail with the-12V rails.

Coulds is 18HP. Maths is 20HP. Disting is 4HP. 18+20+4 = 42. That would be a perfect fit. :slight_smile:

Or do MI Clouds+Befaco Rampage+ES Disting+Intelligel Buffmult for a perfect patchbox fit alternative