Easiest option to connect iPad to Yarns?

For a forseeable future the iPad is the only MIDI device I will use. I searched the web for ways to connect to Yarns and found several options, and now I’m confused. I could use the new Expert Sleepers module instead of Yarns, but I like the feature set and panel of Yarns more.
I’m not so much looking for the cheapest option but the one with the least hussle for someone new to MIDI communication.
Can anyone of the Yarn users here suggest a good solution?

Get the USB adaptor for the iPad (aka the camera kit). Find a MIDI interface that is listed as working with the iPad, eg This one I’m sure cheaper options exist though.

Thx, looks good (and not too complicated).

I would recommend the iconnectivity MIDI2+ (or MIDI4+ if you want to use multiple iOS devices)…it is the only thing that charges an ipad and is a real MIDI routing / merging / filtering box that also connects to a computer simultaneously. The correct power supply for charging comes with the MIDI4+ but you have to buy it extra with the 2+. Way more powerful than anything else out there but still easy to use. Cheapest / easiest is the line6 MIDI mobilizer 2 at around $15, no camera kit needed. The matching (free) app for recording MIDI dumps can be downloaded in the app store. I use that when I don’t feel like traveling with another box.
Here I am using the MIDI4+ with 2 ipads:

I can confirm the ESI MIDIMATE II cable style interface works great.

Thx, guys, will check these.

Both my el cheapo ebay chinese usb midi ($5) and eiderol um1x work with my iphone camera connection kit.

Anything class-compliant should work, really.

t2k and herrprof are referring to this type of thing works great with any cheapo camera connection and you can use it with a normal computer as a MIDI input, I have one of these as well but I prefer the line6 MM2 because there is no adapter (camera connection kit) required, so it is less clunky. Some things that are class compliant still filter sysex messages (e.g. alesis io dock) so be aware of that.

The nice thing about the MIDIMATE II is that they put the hardware inside the USB plug so there’s no clunky block of plastic in the middle of the cable.

Additionally, you can also use it as two OUTs or two INs instead of a single IN and single OUT only.

re: midimate 2
the two in/out feature looks pretty good…does it have i/o LEDs like the other cheapo thingies? Couldn’t tell from the pictures…sometimes they come in handy.

@tffshtt Yes.