Ears versus LPG?

I already have a Mikrophonie that I was thinking of getting a LPG to experiment with a trigger pad, Would it make more sense to just replace it with the new Ears?

Do you mean replace the mikrophonie with an ears to trigger a low pass gate? That would work best as microphone doesn’t output a gate to trigger anything.

You can route the Env out on ears to an amp and filter CV at the same time with a mult. Just set your attack jumper to fast and your release jumper to medium or slow. The Div Kid demo talks about that a bit. If you have a regular LPG, you can just use the gate out on Ears.

This module is sure to be a major hit. :slight_smile:

I mean to turn a mikro into a trigger output. Maybe I’ll m overthinking it?

What kind of patch were you considering to turn your mikrophonie into a trigger output? I’m not sure I understand why you’d need the LPG in this situation…

You would need a threshold that outputs a high gate signal while the input voltage is above a given level. That would turn any input into a trigger.

You can use a slew limiter to get the input envelope.

I got a free mikrophonie as a throw-in on a trade, and was reading I could use it a trigger source with an make noise lpg into the strike input, to trigger things like peaks, am I completely off base in this?

You can even patch the mikrophonie directly into a trigger input of any module. After all a trigger is just a control voltage that says “trigger something now” whenever it exceeds a certain threshold.

The problem with patching directly is that the signal from the mikrophonie might actually contain “multiple triggers” because even for a short strike it can go up and down multiple times. Patch it to a Sequencer (RYO Penta, Rene, etc.) to see what I mean. On some hits you will advance the sequencer multiple steps, on some you won’t.

That’s why I suspect that the trigger out on Ears has some more circuitry inside to filter out those unwanted triggers. I guess the trigger out is derived from the envelope followers output signal. I would try something like this:

Mikrophonie => Envelope follower => Threshold

The way I would do it is to run the output of the mikrophonie thru a slew limiter then into the trigger input. That should smooth out most of the multiple triggers.

Amp up touching your finger to the end of a patch cord, and you can use that as a trigger source or even an oscillator.

You can use anything as a trigger source, but you may have to clean it up to get consistent and predictable results is all. The simplest way to do that, as far as I know, is slew limiting. Separate rise and fall times as on Ears are a major plus as that will keep a fast attack transient while smoothing out the decay segment that causes the multiple triggers.

> I suspect that the trigger out on Ears has some more circuitry inside

It’s fairly basic: the envelope follower output going into a Schmitt trigger.

Thanks guys! That’s very helpful!