Ears Plug In Power / Microphone Options

I have been wondering for a while if anyone has thought about the possibility of modifying Ears for use with plug in powered condensers like those used with SLR cameras: http://www.epanorama.net/circuits/microphone_powering.html#plugin I have a binaural microphone contraption that I have thought of buying 2 Ears to bring it into the modular with but the mic capsules being used require this power. I guess what I am wondering is if anyone would actually be interested in this and/or if there is some obvious work around that I am missing.

Depends on what your microphone capsules want power wise.
There is stuff like the Behringer Ultragain Amplifier, that handles normal microphones…

What would you want to do with it? Why connect a binaural mic to the modular? That would maybe help finding the answer.

And what do you normally use to connect the binaural to? You could use that as an interface and preamp for going into ears after that. ( or maybe a dual VCA with enough gain )

You could try the Soundman A3 Adapter. That delivers 6V Plugin Power, has a Bass Roll Off and 20dB Attenuation.

Thanks for the responses everyone, for what its worth I am going to be bringing live ambient sounds into the modular for processing via Clouds and Terminal Tedium among other modules. The binaural microphone was one that I made with these resources if anyone is interested: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:499001

I think I may just try and concoct a simple voltage source and preamp to be run off euro power. If I am successful I will report back if anyone else is interested.