Eagle Soft Touch Knobs

Has anyone had any experience with these ? Going to order some for my Anushri and Delay

Yup, those are the standard x0xb0x knobs. Can be had both as D-shaft and serrated in gray and black with different line colors. I like them for compact panels.

I have those on my Ambika… they are compact but I find that they are a bit rougher than the normal Shruthi ones.

Some like it rough? Or something…

They are 2 mm smaller then the ‘normal’ shruthi ones right?
I think the Anushri could use even smaller knobs like the one used by MFB on http://www.mfberlin.de/Produkte/Musikelektronik/Urzwerg_Pro_II/Urzwerg_Pro_IIe/urzwerg_pro_iie.html
But it also depends on the panels. I wonder what Frank is baking for it.
I did’t like the new ‘hard’ knobs that were in the BOM. I put the shruthi type in 4 different colors. Looks good but it might be to cramped with the panel writing.

I also wish I’d have looked into knobs more. I’ve gotten much better about knowing how/what to look for on Mouser and now elsewhere. The knobs I got will likely be used elsewhere, probably on my MIDIBox Seq when I build it.

You should consider asking for some Re’an P401 knobs as they’re narrow enough for the MBseq if you go with the standard front panel. Someone (I’ll let that person say so) has a few. Check here or over at MIDIbox :slight_smile:

I’d love to go with the standard front panel, but not sure where to get it. Also, if that someone has it, maybe they could send me a message.

Kit (incl knobs and switches) from SmashTV, or just the PCB plus source the parts. Front panels can be cut at FrontPanelExpress/Schaeffer or JulianF. There’s also an all acrylic/plexi design to be run at Ponoko or maybe fcd72 if you ask nicely.

Probably will pcb and source as it will take less time. I’ve emailed smash before with no response so ill just go from there. I have most things carted at tayda and mouser. Missed a tayda coupon code by one day so gonna wait for another likely.

i got mine from Schaeffer (German version of Front Panel Express). it’s 3mm thick and has blind holes from the back, unlike Julian’s 2mm where the holes go through to the front. it did cost a bunch of euros though, got the screens cut there too. it’s all in the files at MB.
and yeah, you can have a set of Re’an 401 knobs if you like.

I like these knobs
they come in a lot of colors…