E-piano problems

Hi everyone,
i was tuning the filter and everything has gone well, also that patch (e-piano) but when i closed the case, it turned to appear the non sound under A4 issue, i’ve opened touch a little the trims and again good sound, again closed, and again the issue, i opened (wire connected) and the issue persist. i’ve tried to get the trim lowww very lowww thinking about the low value of the cutoff, but that has no effect.
the case is i don’t know what i did in order to make it sound good, and i’ve read people whith the same problem whith that and others patchs.
What can i do?
Thank you and sorry about the english.

Set cutoff to 23. I had the velocity curve set all wrong on my keyboard when I programmed this patch, and with the default cutoff value (16 I think) and a normal velocity curve, you have to hit the keys very hard to open the sound.

i’ve set cutoff to 23 and i have 4 notes more down but below c4 just a little plop and silence.
i’m using a casio mt-740 without velocity, the case is that it worked, i’ve played that sound but then it disappear and i’m freaking out…
Super thanks for the ultra fast answer.
Congrats for your project.

i’m reading me, and i sound very stupid…

when i turn the lowww trim i can hear the little hits of the screwdriver on the screw throug the headphones like if i were hitting a guitar’s body, it’s very strange, sorry but i’m totally lost, the others patchs seem like oscillate without any lfo or envlope modulation.
Well thanks again.
buenas noches

i’ve found out that when i push on the lowww trimmer e-piano works, it’s clearly a bad contact or somthing related whith the soldering (my fault of course that my first time soldering ever…)
any suggestion about what joint i would have to check? (punch to the english grammar?sorry)
P.D:I’m starting to listen clicks and noises in some patchs, i’m getting paranoid. better if i go to sleep and resume tomorrow.

Try to resolder all the pads of the trimmer.

pfffff i’m gonna die!
the joints of the trimmers look well, but i resoldered a 68res between ic3 and audio input, and now there is’nt any sound.
seems like when i pushed the trimmer i pushed the entire board instead.
i’m very sad because i almost had finished and achieved to get sound, now silence and frustration.

i could have access to a scope. which is the protocol to check the filter board whith the scope?
i don’t know what i’ve changed to make this happen. i’m gonna cry. bye

First, check the signal at both ends of the 68R resistor. This looks like the cause of your problem.

well after all my auto-agony and self-odyssey i’ve repaired 2 cold joints it sounds again (thanks lord of electronics).
the fail if anybody want to know and learn was that i pushed too much the board against the bottom of the case (leads too long) and this fact broke 2 joints. now i’m going to shave all that leads.
i think the 99% problems whith the kit is due to bad joints figment of inexperience.
well at least i practiced my bad english.

thanks for your patience