Dysfunctional warps / Exit warps easter egg mode

I just bought a brand new warps, and it is acting really strange.

I bought it to use as a freq shifter.
I enter this mode, and it just makes some weak noise under a loud dry signal. None of the knobs have much effect. Its more of a unity gain mixer with some background warbles -30db or so.

Output is 1»2

I installed parasites. Here the 2nd input seems to be not working properly, very low digitally not nice distorted signal. 1st input & int osc is fine.

I reinstall original firmware to see if it is working. Here i guess i am stuck in easter egg, cause i just hear the input of either 1 or 2 100% dry, with very weak signal making some flabby noises way in the background. Same as described above.

I cannot find my way out of this mode to see if it is working good outside so.

How do you exit easter egg mode?

Ok so i got out of easter egg mode.

Verdict is that 1st input is fine, 2.nd input is just a very low Digital-noisy input that doesnt work.

Can i do something about it, or should i send it back to the seller?

Is that an original module?


You can send a message on the contact form on the Mutable Instruments site. Since we’re going to exchange addresses and numbers (for a return/repair), the conversion should better continue in a private environment!

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To round off this thread, turns out it was a calibration issue, promptly solved by Émilie.

Warps is absolutely fantastic, especially with parasites. Ive donated some euro to the maker of that aswell.

Really amazing module, has an exponential effect on available sounds in a rack.

Thanks to Mutable for all modules and excellent customer service!

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