Duophony on the Ambika


Wouldn’t it be cool to have the duo phony mode available for Shruthi-1 on Ambika as well, or is it just me?

Not sure if it can make sense on a truly polyphonic part, but on a mono part it would be great. I really love the slightly unpredictable lo-fi style of playing duo with two slightly different kinds of oscillators.


Seems very complicated to program for me, how would work the voice allocation?
Unless you use a single voicecard for one voice with duophony (if so, I think that you better get directly a shruthi…)

Well, i guess it’s just me then :slight_smile:

I was primarily thinking of mono parts, but theoretically it could simply work as allocating 1st osc of 1st voice, then 2nd osc of 1st voice, the 1st osc of 2nd voice, and… You get the idea. It would give a 12 voice para/poly beast :wink:

Not that it’s not a beast already …

And yes I will use my 4PM for this anyway.


the mobo handles all the voice allocation stuff and the internal protocoll that sends information to all the voicecards is probably designed in a way that only sends one “pitch information” per voicecard at a time.

see here:

thats why (if i understand things right) it is unlikely oliviere will implement something like this because:

  1. eigther the protocoll would have to be changed or some strange workaround would need to be used
  2. both the mobo and all the voicecards firmware would need to be changed

thinking about it, i wonder how possible upcomming duo or poly voicecards (like drum cards with more than one drum) would work.

Indeed. Also, I’d like to keep the Ambika codebase free of hacks/kludges.

  • You already have 6(!) Oscillators, both in double. They are called Voices here…

Yes, I didn’t mean to be greedy. Just wanted to know if this idea was feasible. I do understand the importance of not hacking around the intended architecture.

I think it’s more the idea of having different synth settings for diferent voice cards in one part. Or is this already possible?

But surely in that case it’s easier to just use different parts? I guess that’s what they are for. I was really after the two voice duo mode. But I’ve let that go now :slight_smile: