Dumping and loading patches

I’ve built a pair of Shruthi’s, one for me and another for my girlfriend, and we’ve been very pleased with them. Now she and I are interested in sharing patches and I’m having trouble sorting that part out. I’ve been able to successfully MIDI dump all settings from both Shruthi’s but not individual patches. I’m using MIDI-OX with the recommended sysex settings and I’ve been able to receive full dumps via the sysex tool in MIOS Studio. Can someone help me out with a quick walk through on saving and loading patches?


On the load/save: switch 6 + switch 3 to dump an individual patch. (switch 6 + switch 4 for a full dump).

You can do this without connecting the Shruthi to a computer, just link the two Shruthis together.

Now its gettin dirrty…

One Shruthi plugged into another, in ancient (seen from a Shrut(h)i timescale) times this was called “Sysexual Reproduction”, wasn’t it?

Awesome! I really appreciate it.

OK, I’m totally failing at getting the SysEx dump to initiate. I’m using frim 0.96, and on the load page (browse: patch) I’m holding s6 and s4 and I never get the prompt. I notice if I hold s6 and s3, it looks like the patch is getting dumped tho. What am I doing wrong?

Just tested this on another shruthi that also runs 0.96 and it worked perfectly. Is there some sort of setting that would lock this feature out???

Ooops, got it: