Dumb questions: panel mounting hole tolerance

Another silly question for the more experienced among us:

If the datasheet for a component says the panel mounting hole needs to be 7mm, is it okay to just cut a hole 7mm?

What kind of components ? how ? Screws ?

Hi, I would measure it first, drill out the hole to what I measured then use a file if its not big enough. Oh and if you want to paint the panel leave a bit of clearance for the paint.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I’ll be lasercutting acrylic, and I’ll have a few potentiometers, one 1/4" jack, three 1/8" jacks, a few switches, and three LEDs. It is not a Mutable Instruments product. : (

I need to just go get myself a digital caliper and be done with it. lol.

All Mutable Instruments Cases have 9mm Holes for the 7mm LED Axis - no need to be super duper accurate here as it will be covered by the Knob anyway. For Screws + Panel Mount Switches I give an 0,75mm extra, for Jacks I’m adding 1,5mm (same with the Jacks screw). If you wanted to know how much the Laser takes away its a bit up to the specific Laser itself, 0,1mm is an good approximation