Dumb question alert


Need advise here. Insult me if needed.

I am triggering pitch on my Braids from Elektron A4.

I was told to send Gate to my Strike input on my Make Noise Optomix but I am still getting a constant noise from Braids.

I was advised that Mutable Veils would help me gate the sound.

Any advise??


Can you isolate the issue? Try each module by itself and also see if tge issue persists without the A4


Braids is an oscillator, it makes a constant sound.

You need to process it by a VCA (controlled by an envelope generator), or an LPG like the Optomix to change its amplitude over time.


It looks okay. Are you sure you have the Control knob turned all the way ccw, as it looks in the picture? If so, the Optomix shouldn’t open unless it gets a gate on the Strike input.


And this is probably a silly question, but it looks like you have the Q knob on the filter turned up pretty high. You’re not hearing the filter self-resonating, are you?


It does have a builtin VCA and envelope, though.


Thanks for the responses I feel like an idiot with this set up. Yes, I figured that out last night. So I have it working properly now. I guess I am confused because a few ppl I know keep telling me I need another VCA and Envelope Gen.

I was advised to buy the Make Noise Optotrack to use as a gate? It just seems to shorten the Decay time. I am not sure I need it. I am thinking of getting Veils or Peaks if I can find it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



No, good eye tho.


I guess that is where I am confused. I think I need a more traditions EG.


Braids’ internal VCA can only do AD envelopes, so it is not suitable for sustained notes – which seems to be your problem here because you’re talking about “gate”.

Can you explain more precisely what you mean by “a gate”? Because if you want to get the sound to pass through while a gate signal is high, and get the sound to stop when the gate goes low, the Optomix can do that. But if you need more control on the attack/decay/sustain/release times and levels, you need an ADSR and a VCA.


Got it… Your last sentence summed it up. ADSR and VCA!


Would Veils or Streams work better for ADSR and VCA?


Veils is a VCA.

The Mutable Instruments modules that can work as ADSR generators are Peaks or Stages.


Not that having a separate VCA and ADSR module isn’t handy, but you can send a envelope out of the A4 via CV no problem. This tutorial helped me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR4TjCiKn1I

You can also replace one of the A4 oscillators with Braids and use the rest of the A4’s voice with it ( Envelopes, LFO’s, Filters, and effects). The A4 is great with Eurorack. I would plan to purchase Veils and a ADSR eventually but you have everything you need for an interesting voice with Braids + the A4.


@Savage has the right approach, the analog 4 can make an envelope as well as a gate. Also, you can use VCV rack as a way to experiment with modular patching to avoid purchasing extraneous modules.

The image above attempts to show that a gate triggers the envelope and then controls the amplitude on a vca.

On a side note, the optomix works quite well as a VCA if you use the VC input as opposed to the strike input, it just also will filter high frequencies at low volumes. It’s a nice sound, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Plaits has a built-in LPG as opposed to a standard VCA.

Happy Patching :slight_smile: