Dumb button

parameters edition with pots place them sometime at some extreme positions so, for good exemple, when we go in filter section, the pot of the resonance can be fully clockwise before so, if we touch it, the reso go to his maximum…
I would like to know if it would be possible to add a fonction that mute all edition with pots when we turn them to give them a “normal” position.
For exemple, i thought about a compare screen that shows actual-real parameter and the parameter selected by the pot. And when we release the button attributed to this function, the parameter selected by the potentiometer becomes active.
I’m not very good in english, i hope you understand what i mean.

There’s an option like that on the Shruthi, called “snap”. Turning pots have no effects until their position matches the value set on screen – only after that they become active. An example in video

There’s not much room in the Shruti firmware to put it there too.

Yeah, very good, i didn’ t seen this video yet.

out of interest, if some waveforms were removed from the firmware would if be possible to stick the snap function in?
if so would much need to be removed?


The only way to put it on the Shruti-1 is to remove the wavetable oscillator. But then it wouldn’t be possible at all to put it in the “Shrutiwave” firmware which is also quite tight. There’s no room for a menu option to enable/disable it, so it’ll have to be enabled by default and some people won’t like it.

I won’t do it, but feel free to download and hack the code! Here’s the commit corresponding to the time when I implemented it on the Shruthi: