Wow is all I can say. I don’t know if I have these babies dialed in right or not, but I’m getting all sorts of beautiful filtery sounds out of it. When the oscillators are in duo mode, there is this funny random note weirdness and with the dual filter settings they sound like voices in a call & response sort of way… another surprise.

Very impressed. Every new piece of the puzzle is better than the last.

That was it. Just happy and amazed.

Now it sounds like honking geese. What’s in this thing?

it’s totally amazing isn’t it? I’ve got one too! :slight_smile:

I sped up the LFO and now it sounds like throat singing. You can tune it with the LFO speed. Below about 20 the geese squawking returns.

Blowing my mind hole.

All right. I have got to stop spinning marmots in the blender here and get something done. Or this will be the last you hear of my blended throat-singing geese things.

But I can’t stop. I’m glad no one can hear this.

Interesting. This description somehow reminds me of the Polymoog Resonator.
I wonder how this compares to the new 4PM board.

Well I have both and I must say they have some similarities, since they both work with the same SSM2164 chips (though in completely different ways). The 4PM certainly has more features, the only thing is doesn’t have is the possibility to use two filters indipendently. If you’d have 3 SVFs in a cascade you could make some really nice resonator sounds! :slight_smile:

Once I got the ducks quacking, I cranked up the LFO and just played the LFO rate and the LFO attack knobs. I found that, like with the Sidekick, I could slow down to the ducks quacking, speed up a little bit for hamsters in the blender magic, and then speed up a lot and adjust the attack to play actual notes that sounded like a couple of Tibetan throat singers with tracheotomies and get a kind of demented melody going.

Then I had to quit because I noticed I was drooling excessively and one pupil was dilated.

Can we please have a Pic of this?

Have you tried it in the sidekick yet? I’m curious about that. I was wondering whether the sidekick had the facilities to modulate both filters independently (e.g. offseting cutoff) and I can’t remember whether I ever figured that out. If so, that would be one sexy little table top filter. Moogerfooger slayer!

@license - Nope. Not yet. But it’s on my to do list as soon as I can stop convulsing.

But wait! I’ve been outdone by Toadstool. Listen

You sure you’re talking about that SVF? Or is it an acronym of something you like to mix with your morning tea? :smiley:

I’ve been thinking I need to watch the solder fumes a little more carefully… :-\\

The Sidekick cannot control the dual SVF. Even with all the switches in place to control the filter routing, the Sidekick doesn’t have enough pots / LFOs for controlling the second filter.

isn’t that a good reason to build 2 sidekicks?

Sorry… wrong thread (facepalm)