Dual SVF tuning

Can someone outline the procedure here? I can get the primary going but the secondary does not key track so I am not sure what to do there… Also, what is the appropriate range setting for the two? Should I try to match them up?

When I built my Dual SVF I spent considerable time hunting for the post that contained the tuning procedure. So much in fact that I saved it in a little text file…

•Kill all oscillators
•Set filter 1 resonance to 63, cutoff to 63, no envelope modulation
•Adjust the filter 1 V/Oct trimmer so that the sound is not out of tune when you play a scale
•Adjust the filter 1 range so that the sound doesn’t get too weird/distorted when the cutoff is set to 127
•Move back filter 1 cutoff to 63
•Set filter 2 resonance to 63, cutoff to 63
•Adjust filter 2 V/Oct and range so that the two sounds (self-osc from filter 1 and from filter 2) are in unison

Ah, I forgot an important detail: you need to set in the modulation matrix note > cv1 > 63 so that the second filter tracks the note played on the keyboard too.
There’s no right or wrong value. It’s better to have filter 1 self osc track the note played on the keyboard ; and the range set in such a way that you don’t get harsh HF distortion when cutoff and resonance are set to high value. That’s all.

perfect… that should be added to the wiki or it should be merged into the build instructions.

Ah, good to know. I never did calibrate it. No time like the present! Thanks for saving that.