Dual SVF RME and Shruthi XT Input Jack Wiring

Hi Everyone,

I built these a while ago and never used the inputs on them. The original jacks work fine on these boards, but when I extended them to fit the custom cases they don’t work. I am guessing it’s becasue of the switching. They work if I also plug a cable into the board jack. Is there a specific way to wire them up so I don’t have to remove the original input jack? I have both switching and non-switching jacks available to use. Any help would be appreciated.

In related news I picked up a Wavestation A/D and it is awesome. I use the Dual SVF as a filter. It works great…except for my little problem of having to take the Shruthi it out of the rack to plug into the filter input.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Check which pins of the jack are connected once you put a cable in, and solder to those pins/parts of the jack?

Thanks for the response. I started working on this, but am also remodelling my bathroom so that has been taking up most of my time. I’ll try and play around more this week.