Dual Rings

A while ago I added a second Rings to my system and was wondering if some of you also rock two of those beautiful resonators.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would be overkill before I bought the second module. But since I installed it, I used both Rings in every patch I made.

I love having one in a tamer setting with nothing patched to the input while the other is fed with all kinds of sound sources.

I used to have two Rings. I borrowed a third from a friend for a gig once. That was fun.

I’d like to add a second again. It’s just so useful and wonderful sounding. Such a wide variety of sound. Using Yarns, I was able to do proper polyphony as well…or 8 notes ringing out. Good stuff.


I just recently picked up a second after having one from when they first came out. There’s just so much goodness in there across the modes.

The last few pieces I’ve posted here are all dual rings pieces.

One of my favourite things at the moment is running them both in sympathetic strings mode but with different sets of under/overtones ringing out. Just so much space and depth.

The aforementioned use of having one doing it’s self contained thing and the other utilising the input is also swell, there are some amazing drones lurking in just filtered noise and sympathetic strings/western chords.

After getting an O+C the other week, I won’t say I didn’t have a little daydream about how amazing having more than 2 Rings was but lack of finances/space/sense currently prevail.

How hard would it be to patch up something like rings in Audulus or Pd to act as a Rings accompaniment? I have an ES-8 and it seems feasible to my ignorant mind and might give it a whack.

What does that sound like?

Recently added on a second rings and have to say between those two and elements really has me wanting to switch my more vanilla oscillators out for more modal modules

Hopefully to have a Ambient Release here soon

I’ve had rings for only a couple of days and already I foresee a second rings and the selling of a vanilla oscillator.

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i see the light. Took a while to try it out but blown away.

I really want one of you to patch two rings into a warps and make the weirdest complex oscillator


tried it in VCV and it is great. Also set it up with a maxmsp port

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