DSP as voice card for ambika?

So I recently finished my DSP shruthi, and absolutely fell in love with that filter board. I have the boards to build an ambika, but I am curious how hardcore it would be to design a voicecard for the ambika using the DSP architecture?

you could probably reuse a lot of code from shruthi and the other voicacards, but you would have to use ambikas Master <-> voicecard communication protocol
and adapt for other voltages from the psu. (ambika doesn’t run on +/- 5v)
depends on your level of programming/electronics skills i guess.

I’d be more interested in something like an FM or additive synthesis card, or some kind of simple sample-playback.


Or maybe a Monomachine-style vocal synthesiser. That would be cool :smiley:


Or a Braids Voicecard :wink:

DSP voicecard: will need a lot of work on the oscillator MCU -> filter/FX MCU communication. On the Shruthi, they communicate with an UART… but there’s no free UART on the 328p. One option is to directly pipe samples from one MCU to the other without DAC, the other is to use a 328p on the voicecard. Both require some development time (not just laying out a board), and changes in the way the firmware is updated/installed.

FM, additive, Braids, any other synthesis method: not enough CPU on a 328p for that. Would need pre-assembled ARM MCU.

To me this would be a hobby project, because whatever effort I’ll spend in that would never be compensated. I just don’t have time for hobby projects at the moment :frowning:

@pichenettes I wonder if you could fit an LPC17 dev board onto an Ambika voicecard…
You wouldn’t be able to get much else on there, but maybe you wouldn’t need to. If the voice was entirely DSP-based, you’d just need the interface circuitry, and a DAC.


you better try a maple mini then :slight_smile: