DSI Prophet 12!


Oh, a 4 Oscillator Prophet. From what i hear in the Video its not that it seems that this could be a quantum leap… don’t get me wrong, its a fine synth as it seems but nothing really new.

Oha…i am still longing for DSI/Sequential stuff and this not going to help me :wink:

but I only have ten fingers.

digital oscilators and analog filter…lots of moduation options … mi style

It’s a 21st Century VS! Gotta get this. And the 86% mini MS-20, and the 2013 Buchla Music Easel reissue… Meanwhile, Möög gives teh fanboys a noise generator and a monophonic Voyager that costs more than the Prophet-12 will do.

Dave just quietly showed who’s boss!

Is it only me or does anyone else find the finish of this thing unsexy and not worth a 3K machine? At this topic MϿg did homeworks better.

Polish it with those pubic hairs of teh virgins :slight_smile: I can agree that it doesn’t look that super sexy in the finish department, but the hideousness of some earlier DSI boxes has been dialed down. This is like a new Andromeda so I assume that the electronics ain’t cheap. How about lasering a plexi front overlay with strategically placed frosted parts?

Its just that it looks like a cheap thin anodized, silkscreened piece of aluminum. It just looks not as sturdy as a VS, DX, Oberheim… it looks more like the super fragile D-50.

But, it haz teh OLEDz! Plus, the sound of what’s heard in the demo isn’t bad either…

This years NAMM is showing that there’s life yet in the synthesizer :smiley: Plus, this place also has some really nice products out, plus hopefully even more great stuff in the pipe.

Next up: Can Roland please get an effin’ clue and make their own 86% product - say a mini JP-6 or an Alpha Juno 2014? I’ve lost hope, but who knows?

Well done Mr Smith.

Saw a demo that was wonderful, no FX save what was onboard. Cathedral to ambient to everything else, it sounds very fine. (disclaimer: I love my P 08, l-o-v-e baby).

@JojjelitoSomebody did it for them. I think Roland is selling enough to justify their direction. It’s just not interesting for people like us here.

That’s not going to happen from what I saw and heard at the Roland Roadshow I attended … Roland are firmly entrenched in the the Jupiter-80 hybrid supersampling/virtual analogue technology. It was implicit and actually stated “there is no looking back”.
I had a good chat with Richard Barbieri and Graham Massey though, mostly about non Roland products, although we did talk SH-101s, T-303s and with Richard the System 700 series, part of which he had brought along.

This looks really sexy, and totally makes me want to skip the Prophet '08 I was considering. But, it’s hybrid digital waveforms and analog filters, and that makes me just want to build an Ambika instead.

(okay, fine. I’m totally an MI fanboy)

I wasn’t that impressed with the demos even though I really wanted to be !
As fanboy as it may sound I actually prefer the sound of the Ambika so far o_O

Comparisons to the Ambika, well both have their uses. The Ambika is validated by this (and the other way around!) since there is a certain overlap in terms of design choices… Plus, I’m sure that MI has some very interesting things ahead. Not everyone can plop 3000US on a synth. But the OLED and those back-lit wheels look stunning.

Re Roland: It’s interesting that Roland is myopic: how’s that working for them? How well is the new Jupiter series selling? I know it has miniscule sales. The Bassbot is something they could have done in house had they been in touch with the great unwashed. But, their finances tell it better than I could - the word struggling comes to mind. It’s sad too see them so lost.

Meanwhile Korg is eating their lunch - doesn’t bother me, I’ll buy whatever tickles my fancy. I could go for an Integra-7 if there was a proper, full editor for computers and iPads instead of the castrato variant for the Apple slate they have now.

For now, most of the interesting stuff comes from the smaller, more agile players.

This, the MS20 and of course the Ambika. I need them all. Sadly at the moment I doubt my bank manager would agree!

The evening was to celebrate 40 years of Roland, some interesting history , three guest speakers. However the way it went, it was definitely Roland blowing its own trumpet night over the Jupiter-80, the speaker was salivating at how “real” it actually sounded, when in fact it sounded hyper-real to the point of artificiality , if I want to play a banjo in the style of Joe Bonamassa with backing flugelhorns and orchestra, I will hire them…I cound see nothing there during the over - extended shop style demo by their shop demo-er in chief that would make me want to part with 3K GBP. After 5 minutes I was bored and squiriming in my chair hoping they would go back to talking. I just don’t need or lust after a monster Workstation.
They evening “highlights” were Richard Barbieri programming the System 700 (one wing) on the fly, sequence off a Dark Time, and Graham Massey / Jody Wisternoff doing an acid jam with a 707 , SH-101 and a TB-303. The acid must have kicked back in after all these years , Graham in his mid fifties doing acid house on 30 year old kit …
Still as I said, at the end I got to talk up close and dirty - and it was free, so kudos to Roland, but quite an odd night , one of three in the strangest of venues (ex-church turned campus auditorium, Huddersfield) . Lots of tatty looking historical kit that must have come out of someones collection ,certainly not Roland’s, as the demo-er had never played a real Jupiter 8 before by his own admission.


its all in the demo. I’m sure the prophet 12 (although its probably more of an Evolver 12) sounds incredible but that isn’t apparent in the demos I’ve heard so far. Based strictly on posted YouTube Demo Sound Awesomeness I’d say the best sounding new intro, so far, is the King Korg. Of course, none of them has had a real subjective review yet so we’ll see…