DSI Curtis filter eurorack module!



I withhold judgment till I know the price.

EDIT: Matrixsynth article says $179us, not bad if you like the filter flavor.

Not bad…not bad!

I only have a Desktop Evelover from DSI mostly because I don’t like the Curtis filter. One synth with it is enough.

The Pro-2 has a different topology for its filters but from what I’ve heard in the published samples it still has that almost digital quality to it that I do not like. But yeah, your mileage may vary and the Pro-2 has a TON of features that I really do like :slight_smile: price is not one of them :frowning:

Do you think they’ll bring out a Cobain filter next?

@BennelongBicyclist if so, how will it smell…?


Bean spirit? the sound of it will be mind blowing.

Oh, never mind…


Anyway, here’s the frequency response profile of the filter:

Heres the Real CEM 3379 Deal……

I was wondering if it would use the CEM chip or their new low pass topology from the Pro2. I would hope they are trying to sell them for the most profit by doing this so they can afford to make a P12 revision with the new filter topology. I do agree with with Frank, their assessment that it is " new and interesting" speaks volumes of regular manufacturers understanding of the modular market. I would be lying if I didn’t think the DSI look it a step up from the Doepfer look. That may just be because I prefer black.

Although the name is DSM01, so I will probably love it, haha.

Doepfer stuff gets overlooked. They have some interesting stuff. Their sample player module seems interesting, if a little weak. Not a fan of the battery backed RAM approach though.

@6581punk their Wasp filter looks pretty good, too, and is dirt cheap. Going to get one of those.


And not to forget this one: http://www.doepfer.de/a109.htm

Also based on the CEM3379, and you also get the VCA added, two audio inputs and all that … and it is still available at some retailers.

Also, imho, the DSM01 Curtis Filter would definitely benefit from a second cv input for frequency. The panel does not seem too crowded. That is also where doepfer shines: usually a lot cv input, and most with attenuation.

To be honest, you can’t really beat Doepfer filters for value and features. I only have Doepfer filters left in my cases nowadays.
Wasp, SEM, Diode, CEM, LPG, the bid daddy of low passes the A-108 are all killer filters, not to mention my favourite filter in euroworld, the Xpander. (Not tried out a Ripples yet though, may add one on my next order)
The DSI sounds pretty good to my ears, but nothing I haven’t already heard. On another note, I’d probably be using a few attenuators with the DSI, so factor that in with the cost and rack space too.
It looks nice, but I’d have to get another panel for it as it’d stand out like a sore thumb. Just like my Dwarfcraft TGD module, which sounds great but looks fuggly. I’m a bit OCD like that I guess, but I know the majority of people like the chaos in rackform look.

But saying all that, I’m more than happy that they’ve taken the leap into eurorack, but I can’t really see them doing anything different than your basic featured vco, lfo, filter, vca type line.
I’d love them to prove me wrong though.

Ah, I see toneburst and morcego mentioned a couple of the ones I did and about cv control/attenuation when I was typing, veeeerrrryyyy sllllooooowwwwllllyyy!

No Ripples?

I know, very poor show on my part, and I really have no idea why I haven’t got one yet.
I’m going to have to put that right soon though.

I tried many other filters since Ripples but only Dieters SSM2240 and CEM3379 survived….

Yep, the SSM version of Doepfer is really neat in use with digital oscillators…