Drums program... I don't get it

Ok, maybe it’s just me who’s too stupid to figure it out, but how is the Drums program on the MIDIpal supposed to be working. I read the explanation in the manual several times and tried to use it with different gear, but I can’t get it to work. It always just passes the note I play on the keyboard and that’s it.
Someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Did you set the channel and the notes right on all your devices?
I also had troubles using it with my sammischFM’s drum feature, because there was a difference of 1 octave between the notes theorically played by the midipal and the notes accepted by the sammischFM. I don’t know who’s mistake it is.

There’s no standard notes or octave for drums other than the General MIDI layout and I don’t think Sammich implements that.

I used it with an old Kawai D50 drum machine,that plays sounds on more or less any note you send to it, I also tried feeding it into a Shruthi just to see if it would do anything.
I think I need a second MIDIpal to test this :slight_smile:
But let me see if I got it right. The drum presets consist of 4 notes getting outputted in different patterns, right? And I can choose which drum sounds to play by setting the notes on the MIDIpal.
I can then trigger different preset patterns by pressing notes on the keyboard attached to the midi IN of the MIDIpal. Just to see if I have understood the way this program is supposed to be working.

That sounds right to me. Don’t have my MIDIpal handy at the moment, so I can’t test it.


You have to trigger the keys on the same channel that you’re sending the drums to.
Otherwise, it’s just a bypass.
So, if you have set the drums to the channel 11, you have to set your keyboard on channel 11 to use the feature, otherwise the midipal is just a bypass.

@6581punk > the sammischFM simply accepts notes as triggers, but when I set say C2 as BD trigger, I have to set my midipal as C1 (or C3, i don’t remember) as BD trigger. Here is the mistake I was talking about. I don’t know if it’s a problem in the implementation of the midipal or of the sammisch, or if the midi norm is just not clear about this and that both are fine, just not interpreting the midi norm the same way (I doubt about that, actually).

@MicMicMan: oh that was it! Thanks a lot! This wasn’t really clear in the manual, maybe it should be added.

glad i could help.
And enjoy now! This feature is damn cool.

My only wish is that i could use it in parallel with the sequencer feature. I’ll probably try to tweak the code in that direction, if I ever get the time to do it some day.

now that I have played with it, it’s total fun! Have to get the hang on those euclidean patterns! I wish I could make my own drum presets though, could be handy.

just fired up my midipal for the first time: the euclidian thing is enormous fun! and i haven’t even used it with drum sounds yet! :slight_smile: it’s also great for funky synth stuff…

and the way you can control the rhythms via a keyboard is just brilliant! very intuitive. excellent work, olivier! it’s by far my favorite midipal app so far. (haven’t done much with the others so far)