Drums make plop on sequence stop

Hi all,

I’m loving my Anushri, I’m especially amazed at the drum-sequencer.

Everytime the drumsequencer stops, I get a loud plop on the output
This happens both on the global output and the Drums output
It also happens both on turning down all 3 density knobs, or when sending a MIDI stop
I’ve recorded the plop and attached the waveform.


It’s normal. When drums are not active the output of the drums pin is biased to 0v DC, and when drums are active it’s biased to 2.5v DC because they’re generated directly at the output of the micro controller. This is to prevent the drum engine from generating a high frequency bleed-through, which is the drum engine PWM carrier, when drums are not used.
One option to prevent the “pop” while not hearing the drums is to set the balance of the drums at one or the other end, and to use the element that won’t be heard with this balance setting. Example : you set the “kick frequency” parameter to something not null, then you turn the knob 5 all the way clockwise. This way you won’t hear any drum but they’ll still be active. Notice that in this case, you might be bothered by the high frequency carrier of the drum engine.
Another option if you’re not annoyed by the high frequency carrier is to directly modify the anushri source code and set the drums to “always on” (I haven’t looked in details into the anushri source code but I bet it’s just one parameter change).

thank you,
that makes sense,