Droning the sounds without notes

Hi - a friend is building me an ambika, and has nicely lent me his triple Shruthi-1 in the interim…
There is one feature of the xpander (probably my favorite overall non-modular synth) but very few other synths, but one that I really appreciate. This is the ability to simply to turn up the vca and let the sound drone - and then slowly modujlating other parameters over time. Forgive me if I’ve missed this in the manual thus far, but I’m curious as to whether others find this a desirable feature, whether it’s possible to add this in the future, etc. Of course this also pertains to the ambika, but I don’t quite have that yet…

There are already 2 ways of doing this on the Shruthi:

  • Hold the first switch. This triggers a continuous C3 note.
  • Remove the routing from ENV to VCA in the modulation matrix (set amount to 0).

ah - thanks! now that’s too easy - removing the routing. But I didn’t think of that. I’ll try this later after work. Actually excited about this!

hah - couldn’t resist testing this now even though I’ll be late for work. This will work just fine! (I love this feature in a synth - probably more than I have any right to)