Drone / Noise Box like Little Boy Blue and Shruthi-1

I 've been looking lately for some noise/frequency generators for more experimental stuff that could complement the Shruthi and my other gear and came across Flower Instruments and her Little Boy Blue and Jealous Heart as well as some boxes by a Canadian guy who calls himself Ruin

From what I can see and hear, these boxes seem to radiate some quite interesting frequencies, but since I have no clue about circuit design I’m afraid that after 2 hours of playing around I would come to realize that the range of use is too limited (at least in a musical context). Which of these boxes makes most sense from a circuit design point of view (for maximum flexibility and playability)? Also I’m wondering if it is possible to hook for instance a Jealous Heart to my Yellow Magic (with or without modding) to make this more playable and add some noise / drone flavour to the shruthi? Or how much do you think a shruthi can emulate these beasts via modulation (or … ?)? Or any suggestions for other gear that combines the craziness of a LBB with a sound engine and Midi (ideally costwise below a Cwejman S1 MK2 or a full modular)…? I highly appreciate your views on this.


430/490$ does seem a bit steep…
Modular is a never ending road, while you can start out quite cheap, you will end up with wall to wall modular systems in the end :smiley:

I know I’d love to get my hands on a Oakley sound filtrex II though :slight_smile:

Trogotronic 666 for modular drone madness
Jomox : T-resonator or the full fatboy Moonwind for interesting sonic creativity

ruin / wesen does some cool stuff. but it’s really more in noise direction, some people don’t consider that musical (i do). you can also look for some of his circuits on electro music (psyingo i think)

I didn’t understand, are you looking for end products or diy products?

Thanks for your suggestions!

@MicMicMan don’t care if DIY or finished product - rather wondering whether someone ever tried to combine a normal (musical) analog design - like the anushri without the drums or a Model D - with whatever is inside a Little Boy Blue or Jealous Heart. I can’t judge where these actually differ and how far they are apart component-wise.

the novadrone is very nice

Yeah, novadrone is cool. It also do freaky things when you point your cameraphone at the LED.

I started mine but have yet to finish, taken a long break from all the soldering.