Drone Lab 2 - Any interest in a run of boards?

Is there any interest in boards for this? http://casperelectronics.com/finished-pieces/drone-lab/drone-lab-v2/

Casper Electronics discontinued this to make way for the Nova Drone (which is great but has a different feature set from the Drone Lab). The board layouts are on his site, but only as .jpg files. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a fab house to make boards from these files or would I have to recreate them in Eagle or something?
I’ve emailed the guy at Casper Electronics asking if I could have the source files that the jpgs were made with, but I’ve not heard back yet.

It has 4 audio oscillators vs the Nova Drone’s 3 and a pulse clock which can be divided by different amounts and used to gate the oscillators rhythmically as well as an effects section with LPF, fuzz and two BPF (probably in parallel but I’m not certain, series would be a weird choice though).

Would anyone else be interested in a Drone Lab 2 if I figured out how to get some boards made?

EDIT: Added a link.

if you etch them yourself you can for example import it into gimp or something and convert it to bmp. then make everything that is black really black and white the same so there are only 2 colours in the pic. That’s at least all the guy who makes boards for me needs. He then has a film developed at a local business then he etches them. I don’t know about the Chinese though, never bought there

I would be very interested in this. I wanted to pick up a kit when they were still available, but didn’t have the funds at the time.

Why don’t you etch them yourselves? Its really easy and can be done in your kitchensink… @schrab do you hear me???

That did cross my mind, I have seen the etching materials for sale in a few places and think “I should try that…”. Anyone who’s done any etching before, how hard does this board look?

Just as hard as all the others since the Etching fluid does the Job :wink: I suggest you use Sodium Persulfate for etching to not leave yellowish stains all over your Kitchen……

It looks like it’s two sided though, I’m mostly concerned about things like vias…

Just drill the hole, stick a piece of clipped leg from something in and solder both sides.

Which brings me neatly to my other concern for two sides - alignment!

Wheres the problem? Cut the Films to size, align to a side of the pcb - thats all.

Ah, I’m just being a coward. I’ll look into this considering there doesn’t seem to be much interest. I do love the formanty dual bandbass thing that this has going on, plus it would be nice to run a Nova Drone through it. A double Nova Drone running into a Drone Lab 2… that’s 10 (audio) oscillators!

Does it get any better after the 2nd Wavetable Oscillator? :wink:

Run your nova drone in a sidekick! You’ll love it…
I have the also have the drone lab 2… Also nice :slight_smile:

@fcd72: Well they’re all just pulse waves. Maybe not better but certainly thicker…

@shiftr: Is the sidekick still documented somewhere on this site? I didn’t see it in the attic… I’d certainly love to make one though. Manual control over a spare Shruthi filter would be nice.