Dragons - updates and more

I had posted a link to a song I called “Dragons” even 'though it was kinda rough. I went back into it and changed it quite alot, and then started working on something else to go with it, and started hearing (or imagining) these things played by some crazy animals running amok in the studio. I really need to get more sleep.

Dragons uses the Kurzweil for percussion, modular for the sequences and lead lines, all “comping” is done on the “PolyShruthi.” WowWop makes a great demented accordion. Frogs again uses the Kurzweil and modular for percussion and sequences respectively, and one lead is the PolyShruthi and the other is the modular.

The sequences are done using the rare and extremely valuable d:Machinery Green Sequencers, which in my case are black. Not sure if that impacts the sequences 'though. Headphones are recommended.

Here’s the playlist, just two songs so far:




@Piscione Really awesome stuff! I really enjoyed these both.

Thanks very much @sammy123, appreciate it! One of the leads on Dragons uses the two sides of a J3RK 258J running into a Happy Nerding FM Aid. It’s the first time I’ve used it, very cool little module. FM is kinda crazy.

Those tracks were nicely put together! Kudos! 258J and FM aid, instant 259, only betterer or something…

Thanks @Jojjelito!

Added another track, kinda cute I suppose. First thing I’ve done that is all Eurorack modular, nothing else.


That is a really fun track! :smiley:

Very nice!


That’s a great, fun track! Well done! It reminds me a LOT of early era Yellow Magic Orchestra when the dudes had fun with Arp Odyssey and Hideki Matsutake’s Moog modular.

Thanks @Jojjelito!

Randy, that Monkey track makes me smile. Really nice work!

Thanks very much @Bjarne!


Listened now to your tracks (Finally I have some time listen through some stuff) and like them very much! I agree with Jojjelito, there is a certain early YMO music feeling in these tracks!

Thank you. I’ve never actually listened to YMO so perhaps it’s time I give them a listen. Too late to learn to dance 'though.

Looking at the YMO discog you’d want to check out Yellow Magic Orchestra, Solid State Survivor, then skip ahead a little to BGM and Technodelic. The other early albums are nice, but come with the baggage of being slightly more generic 80’s synth pop sounding.

There are some videos and stuff on YouTube that contains pre-album versions from the LP Live At Kinokuniya Hall 1978. Those early versions are fantastic.