Doubt at early step

Hi everybody, I need to better understand why the optional C31 cap is… optional. What if i mount it and what if I don’t?

And I have a question on soldering too: once done, the soldering points on the bottom of the pcb are dirty of fluxant. Do I have to clean them or leave the thing as it is?


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According to the LT1054 datasheet, having a high ESR cap as the charge capacitor (eg vanilla electrolytic without tantalum in parallel) is going to cause voltage drops at high currents. The SMR-4 circuit doesn’t draw a lot of current on the negative rail, so you don’t have to bother much about this. I had no tantalum cap when I tested the circuit and nothing wrong happened. But maybe people are going to reuse this schematic for other filter boards, or someone will just do a random Google search on the LT1054 and will end up on this circuit etc etc etc - in which case I think it’s a better thing to show the “correct” circuit (at least according to the datasheet).

I personally scrub fluxant with a toothbrush. It’s not pretty but I haven’t found the “miracle” cleaning product yet.

muldee: pick up a little round tin of tip cleaner/tinner from wherever you got your iron from. It helps prevent excess flux from building up on the iron and also aids heat conduction - plus it saves you from wasting a lot of your solder by ‘manually’ tinning your iron and coats the tip more evenly anyways. Also wipe the tip across a damp sponge occasionally (before tinning) to clear off any residue.

@ pichenettes: I’ve tried to scrub fluxant with a toothbrush but it’s too hard to remove and I’m afraid to scratch the pcb or to screw up something. I’m leaving it as it is.

@ WillyyDavidK: yes, tinning and coating the iron with the solder is a big waste. I’ll go and buy the cleaner.

Together with your advice I followed this tutorial (very helpful indeed):

Ok, I got the answers here: