Doubt about braids signal polarity

Hi to everyone, i’m experimenting with signals polarity and use braid , cfm , links and rosie and i noted the the negative of braids sound weak than the positive , is that normal ? with the bipolar out of tides sound equal and frames in LFO sound also weak . i made a video for make it easy to figure out the example.
Thanks !

Mmm… I have no idea what’s going on in this patch. Can you explain more? Can you record the output with something that is not a smartphone microphone?

Hi Thanks for replay !! I made a draw of the connections , sorry about the sound , I did it more for the light of links.
My doubt is the output of braids should be bipolar , no ? so if I use the “CFM Bipolar Half-Wave Rectifier” the negative output is weak than the positive , is that normal ??
Thanks so much !!!

This has nothing to do with Braids.

Your problem is that Links’ bottom section (labelled 3:1) has a gain of 1/3 (so that it can sum 3 full amplitude correlated signals with no risk of clipping). Since the “negative” portion of the signal goes through this section of Links, it is attenuated by 1/3.

The “positive” portion of the signal goes through Links middle section, which has a gain of 1. Its amplitude is unchanged.

Why don’t you patch directly the outputs of the rectifier to the Rosie?

ohhhh man , I feel an stupid !!! it work !!! I patched to links for then passed thru blinds in order to deform the waveform !
Thanks !! so much !!! I read long time ago that you delay the release of the new modules due health issues , hope you are better man !!!
Love your work !!!

Thanks again !!