Double voltage

Okay, as per the instructions I am at the point where I test my Shruti, to see if it will read between 7-10 volts. I am reading 14v! I will offer this information for a possible suspect. As I was finishing my kit, I could not find the 3 (three) 100nf capacitors, so I went to RadioShack and bought 0.1UF Ceramics Capacitors as it seemed like the math checked out…the part number for the radioshack caps is 272-0135. It sucks to be this close to the finish line, and have to stop! it’s driving me crazy!

The voltage you read at this step is straight from your power supply and doesn’t depend on whatever you’ve done with your circuit. At the stage you’re at, the gate is closed and nothing is poured into the circuit. Your replacement caps are good. Were they missing from the package?

You’re simply getting 14V because unregulated power supply can be very wild. If you get 14V with your supply set to 9V and if it is adjustable, switch it to 7.5V. Or try another one. Just make sure that you get this sorted before continuing and soldering the switch or a jumper on SW0 - you can damage the 1044 if it gets a voltage above 12V.

I believe you are correct. I searched the forum a little more carefully and found that another user had the same problem. I just grabbed a random power supply so I am not surprised it was a little funky. I am glad (and proud) that I managed to figure out the capacitor substitution on my own. Thanks for the validation.
As for the Caps, I am not going to say I am 100% sure they were missing, I could have inadvertently lost them. I will mention this however, there were three odd shaped components included that resemble film capacitors, however; their marking do not give me any information that seemed relevant to their purpose, and they are not on the parts list. If I can, I’ll take a pic and post it somewhere so you can see what I am referring to.

Hi Steve,

I think i had the same problem you did! I thought the three 100nf caps were missing, but it turns out the ones that came with my kit looked different than the ones in the build manual. I ended up grabbing 3 100nf caps that i had in stock and using those. it was’t until i finished building that i noticed the only things i had left over were the three caps!

the three caps in my kit were larger than the ones in the build manual, and square. you’ll know they are 100nf because they are marked “104”

i saw the same thing with the power supply too at that stage, the one supply i tested was putting out around 14v. i switched to one that had adjustable voltage, set it for 7.5v and everything worked just fine.

good luck!

same here… was a little bit confused with the caps until the three were the last parts on my desk