Double checking that I can swap the potentiometer values

Hello all, building an Anushri, awhile back I bought a ton of 100k potentiometers in bulk. I am looking at the schematic for the control board and it looks as though all of the pots except for the resonance and volume pots are either simple voltage dividers or input attenuators. This would lead me to believe that I can swap the value for a 100k without any problems (except for the 2 pots mentioned before) but I figured that I would ask here first in case anyone could think of a reason not to. I know that sometimes having a larger pot for a voltage divider can affect the impedance network of any sort of summing/ amplification circuitry which might be processing the voltages coming from the pots.

Thank you!

Also I found a US source for the bizarre jacks used in the Anushri board, as they aren’t available from mouser anymore.

It’ll work OK, though the response of the pot won’t be totally linear because, in the case of a voltage divider, the “loading” of the resistor connected to the wiper will no longer be negligible.

Thanks for replying, if any of the knobs are noticeably alinear I will adjust the resistor value connected to the wiper ;).