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> landing on the moon

Indeed, I saw Iron Sky.

The true story behind WW II is that German chemists developed not only aniline color but color itself. The war was just a pretext to move troops around colorizing everything and those who opposed color. That’s why all old documentaries and movies are shot in the Before Colorization™ (BC) black and white. Everything was b&w before. Or so I’ve been told.

@MicMacMan: Touché, but I don’t see how you could possibly “save” or ähem derail this thread… Maybe by interjecting something serious, non-offensive PC stuff.

Apologies if anybody did get offended. The war was a tragedy, but no-one could blame people who were not even born then for any of that or previous events. Also, any mockery of language is made in pure jest.

Is PC the new word for boring?

And for German WW2 jokes ill keep it with the great Harald Schmidt - “Jede Randgruppe hat ein Recht auf Verarschung” which means something like “Every fringe group has the Right to be mucked around”

Still, isn’t it amazing that everything was colorized in less than 10 years? I may have stumbled across the mother of all mega-projects. That is, until my modular build got started…

it seems to me that snow white and gone with the wind were already colorized while anterior to WWII.

I think those were prototypes. Part of why the US entered the war as they didn’t want all glory for the colorizing to go to others but Hollywood.

you’re undoubtedly right.

One thing is for sure, Hollywood is the biggest re-writer of WW2 history, you’d think from watching such films that the US troops were there from day one.

Is this officially the Discussion of the Day now? :wink:

We’re not worthy! I just started wondering where this weirdness cornucopia would end up… Then I got reminded that: Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Words of wisdom.

Le Plaisir vaporeux fuira vers l’horizon
Ainsi qu’une sylphide au fond de la coulisse;
Chaque instant te dévore un morceau du délice
A chaque homme accordé pour toute sa saison.

L’Horloge by Charles Baudelaire

Fantastic text if you ask me.

it’s impressive how much work has been done under the table, so secretly that it hasn’t even been mentioned, on coloring the whole world even during that war. i must admit apart from my basement here i haven’t seen one spot they left black and white. now that i think of it, they omitted some old photos of my parents that are still B&W as well as old pre and post WW2 movies that were apparently not considered worth a (presumably) costly colorization.

It’s amazing indeed! The fact that they couldn’t reach everywhere only lends more credibility to this hidden history.

It’s almost as interesting as the fact that the first computers not only did ballistics, they also modeled where all the mates of all the odd socks really go. Those results were so shocking that the threat of exposure both led to the whole Bay of pigs/JFK assassination and the building of the wall.

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