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What? This section is empty? I’m sure at least 20 kits have been already assembled…

What kind of sounds are you making with your Shruti-1? Post some stuff here!

Oh, I think that’s a consequence of the way some of us view this forum. I always click “Discussions”, so I get every topic that has been posted.

As to your request, here’s a simple loop (I posted this on twitter, as well):

FLStudio is sequencing the notes, while the internal sequencer and LFO are modulating cutoff. The arp was on as well.
The oscillators were modulated using the 1^2 math, which is actually my favorite mode, when tempered with the filter.

“[d]” (d01 on twitter)

pichenettes: you’re right, this sections needs to be filled! I’ll be posting something soon, I’ve been playing around with it a lot, just never thought about recording…

glitched: I only have crappy speakers here where I am atm, but I must say your loop sounds great, I like the 1^2 math a lot as well, makes some really dirty and powerful sounds! Works especially good like this when used with the LFO and the sequencer, must play around a bit more with it to really get a feeling for it.

Here’s another quick sample:

It’s a little harsh because it uses that 1^2 math, but I like it; there’s so much great “junk” going on when that’s enabled.

Again, I used the internal sequencer to control OSC2 ptich and PWM, LFO2 to modulate PWM1 and filter, and some other things…
Some parameters were swept in realtime, but the internal modulators are doing most of the work!

That sounds so good.

Agree! XOR modulation rocks… I must say it’s also quite tricky, I think I haven’t really figured out all the tricks to get it to sound the right way…
Anyway, I have finally something for you to hear too:
here the pure version
and heer the “messy” one:

ehm… posted a wrong link for the messy version, here the correct one:

Nice job! I’m discovering that the Shruti-1 has a very distinctive tone, especially when the 1^2 math is engaged.

Messy version sounds awesome! They both sound good, but I’m liking messy better.

yeah messy one has more stuff in it! the “pure” one was just to hear the Shruti-1 isolated. Anyway glad you people like it! :slight_smile:
I just noticed I forgot to give some hints on what I used to make these sounds.
The arp sound uses the 8bit osc and a square on osc2, these get modulated with 1^2 math. I noticed that this combination, with some medium resonance values create some quite interesting sounds. the arpeggio get modulated bye the lfos (I think I patched cutoff, resonance and probably some other values too… but I can’t remember this one).
The pad sound is just the pad wave, a square on the osc2, a bit of subosc, with the lfo driving the cutoff.

hey, i’ve done a demo, too. unfortunately worst recording quality!

once the 1^2 math kicks in it gets really dirty and weird. There seems also to be some really low frequency sounds coming out of all the noise, which I find quite interesting! Why do you say the recording quality is bad, how did you record it?

i recorded it on cassette tape, then transferred to the pc without being able to listen (level adjusted optically, i lack some cables here). well compared to other sounds that were posted it seemed not as clean recording. i still have it on tape, i’ll try if something changes when i actually can listen.
the frequencies are tangled, it’ at least 6 or 7 modulations, like mix, pwm1+2, osc2, filter etc, the lfos X16 and different sources, even note.
in my tape recording when the 1^2 comes in it even seems a bit like someone’s yelling, but i didn’t have the impression from the pc recording.
but i have no noise programmed at all, neither osc1, nor osc mix.

That’s why it sounded so analogue! :slight_smile:

rosch, that is one sinister demo.

I can get in on the fun now…finally. This is shruti plus delay and reverb. The delay has some occasional pops, but it works with this patch.

shrine out

this next one is shruti (first sound) and micron (drone + the exponential fm noise)


They are just thrown together not very thought out or anything. I’m just happy to have this thing working and wanted to record something real quick.

sounds really interesting to me. It’s great to see completely different approaches to how the shruti is being used… sounds quite different from what I would do with it!

i like that style!

Both those shruti sounds started with a random patch button press. I saved the first one, the second one is gone forever.

I didn’t save any of the sounds I made so far… forces me to play around with it some more trying to recreate what I’ve done already, helps me understand the inner working of the Shruti…