Don't be a tease, give me a squeeze!

This sounds awesome! Not fazed by the complexity-going by experience with Mutable stuff I’m sure the boards will be well-laid out, well documented and will work first time once plugged together (something I can’t say at all for the majority of modular synth DIY projects I’ve tackled. Can’t wait)

@altitude: Hehe, that’s the effect of the staggered reveal, plus all the hush-hush hoopla… I’ll sign my soul away (yet again) to get my mitts on this ASAP.

olivier might have to get a bigger server or it will be raspberry pi DDOS ordering all over again :slight_smile:

We’ll be back soon.

And then we will all hit the reload button 100 times per minute. :slight_smile:

I’ll look out for the store going down before hand.

Thanks for your confidence but i guess I’m way to unimportant to share the Stage with Olivier on this thing. I only got involved by luck, not by skill…

I am pretty sure that there will be a keynote held in the Moscone Center in San Francisco early in July by Olivier with his special guest Frank entering the stage later in the event.
I hope there will be a live stream available so that we all can follow this online!

Will there be a media event, a launch party with hands on demonstrations? :slight_smile:

Jeez, I feel like an Apple fanboi, ready to dish out cash before I even know what it is…

So, am I gonna need more than a grand or what?

“Speed building one of the new thingies will be more of a WeekEnd Contest rather than the “Opps I’m done what should i do with the rest of the evening?” of a Digital + SMR-4mk2 ;-)”

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why I’m so slow at soldering compared to everyone else. I haven’t built an SMR-4mk2 but a digital+mk1 is a long weekend for me. Building my Shruthi-XT took me the best part of a week. Whatever this new thing is, it sounds like it’ll keep me busy for months…

@rosch: It’s life™ It has the wonderful power of stoppning any project and changing your priorities.

Well my MB6582 works fine. But I’m really paranoid about the C64 PSU failing and blowing the SIDs. I started to build a PSU but lost interest in it. I may however just build a crowbar protection circuit in a box and use the C64 PSU. I’m sure it will still do the same thing.

sure! and you need to finish your MB6582 too, obviously. mine is not finished too. started soldering 2009, changed my mind multiple times about how it’s gonna be (own CS “design”, handcrafted, but last year i bought the CS board and made that too.) it’s actually all ready to test, except for the connections. i even have enough working 6581 now (originally planned 6582A, but changed my mind and they happily returned to sender and should be part of 10 sammichs by now). i decided to first finish that guy how it “should be” and once it works i will start stuffing the seppo VCF and VCA boards so eaqch voice will have filter and amp.

@6581punk I did that too. Didn’t seem to help though. Caused me all kinds of problems. I eventually wrote a cry for help on the MIDIbox forum, and a kind fellow London-based soul helped me out, and got it more-or-less working for me. However, being a bit of a perfectionist, the fact that the control-panel didn’t quite fit flush bugged me, so I took the case apart to try and fix that, and that’s when the board->board connectors started to break. It was all downhill from there, really. Makes me wonder if I should even attempt to tackle a project like this new box pichenettes is developing. I’m quite sure I’ll be very tempted, whatever it turns out to be, despite my own incompetence…


The big ground thing is a pain on the MB-6582. I resorted to turning the temp on the iron up sky high and using flux.

Reminds me: I could take two from the initial batch :smiley: That way I could train the cats to build me an extra for those orchestral sessions… Nom nom nom…

I still haven’t finished my MB-6582, I’m ashamed to say. I had issues initially with not being able to solder lots of the components to the large ground plane. Then, I went through two or three different methods for connecting the two boards together. They all turned out to be very fragile, and in desoldering the broken connectors, I managed to trash a load of the pads on both base and control boards. I keep meaning to have another go at it, but other more pressing projects come along, so it sits in it’s box, gathering dust. I have a SammichSID now, so I have half a mind to just sell the wreck of the MB-6582, just so it doesn’t make me feel guilty every time I open the cupboard…


yeah put me on that list too please. boards or kits, doesn’t matter.

MB-6852 took a while due to the rather fiddly layout in places.