DonationWare™: Get Your Peaks Parameter Reference Card Now!

Anyone wants one of these?

1. Increase the Iwantacardcounter.
2. Donate a few bucks (or more) to or your local equivalent.
3. DM me with your postal address.

There are 45 cards available in this batch. Get them while you can! (1.8 MB)

thank you for this! I find these so helpful. Ill have to do one myself to give back to the community…

I’m having a bunch of these printed at business card size and I’m wondering if anyone else would like one to keep with their modular. :slight_smile:

It would be nice, but postage for that letter is way more than having a bunch lasered and laminated. Guess a high-res version of the pictures instead is way nice :slight_smile:

Sure, here are the PDFs. Please note that you should cut 2mm bleed from all sides to make it look as intended.

I wanted to make one myself but I see you’ve been quicker! :slight_smile:
very useful! Thanks a lot!

Very nice reference card!
But does it come with an expansion? :wink:

It might get a little sister for Braids.

By the way; 50 have been printed and shipped to me…

@pichenettes Do you have a favorite charity?

As a new Peaks owner, I’d be interested!

I’d like to make this DonationWare™; You donate a few bucks to @pichenettes’ favorite charity, DM me your address, and I’ll mail you a Peaks Reference Card.

Ok. Let’s wait until the cards are delivered so I can check they’re nicely done and show a picture.

Looks like some people don’t want to wait. Please post a comment here and increase the counter before you donate and DM me with your address. There will be 45 cards available in this first batch!

Trigger happy, you betcha!

Iwantacardcounter: 1

The cards have arrived and look pretty damn nice; see the photo in the updated original post above.

Red cross counter going up !

Iwantacardcounter: 2

I am all up for a Braids a Tides and a Frames!

Each module should get one really

Supercool thanks!

I don’t think Tides and Frames need a cheat sheet, honestly.