Donald Buchla meets Emilie

More like Mark Verbos but who can afford a Buchla?


Now you can :slight_smile: tiptop have made cloned now, but not on the 100 system i love the osc and filter there

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Yeah the tiptop one are tempting, but I suspect it will be difficult to actually get one

Yes preorder and you have it in 3 month, perfect :slight_smile:

I’m going to wait for a year or two till it’s available off the shelf, I think it’ll play very nicely with Émilie’s beautiful modules.

I’ve picked up the 200t modules and while they are decent builds and absolutely look the part, they are VERY basic. I know that they are what they are, it’s not a criticism but using them has made me very aware of how good all of the more modern developments in modular synth modules are.

I’m still planning on getting the full set just because it’s an opportunity to play in a park that usually has an extra zero on the end of the price.


I actually got a deal for the quad function generator, I’ll try to give you a humble feedback if I ever receive it