Doh! / case mounting LED's

In my continuing struggle with the anushri case I had a new face cut but in my idiocracy I forgot about the led’s! I figure I’ll go get an plastic drill bit and some led’s. There is not a ton of space so I don’t think I want to use panel mount led’s but I’m unsure about how to affix led’s to the enclosure if they are not panel mount. I’ve seen quite a few custom shruthis and ambikas with opaque cases with led’s in them so I’m wondering if anyone has any tips?

if you drill 3mm holes so the led just fits in there you should be fine.
for mounting them directly to the panel (wired, without pcb) you would be fine with a dab of hot glue. but since they’re held by the board it should be alright without anything else.
attach the board to the panel first, put the leds through and solder one leg first. then you can adjust heights and if they’re all ok finish soldering. i’m doing it with my modules the same way.

What about Light Pipe
You can fasten it with RTN150 or RTN250
Or just glue them.

They look like this on yellow

and from other side

Thanks for the responses. The light pipe thingees look nice on your case but I don’t really understand the connection. Are they just spiffy reflectors that I would use with my existing led’s or is there an actual connection?

Spiffy reflectors more or less… (Very spiffy though)

cool, thanks.

You can get even simpler ones at Reichelt, but these need a diameter of 2,7 mm. So they are not very helpful if you already have your frontplate, so i used sockets to match my selfmade frontplate.

There’s also this method