Does This Sound Normal?

I was re-tuning my smr-4 board and kept hearing what sounded like some kind of high frequency distortion (or maybe aliasing?). I followed the trouble shooting guide and when checking the raw audio signal coming from the control board and it sounded very harsh and distorted to me. Can someone take a listen to the short recording I linked to below and let me know if maybe there’s something going on with my control board? Or if it sounds totally normal and I’m just being super paranoid. This is a recording of the Sexy Boy, Junon, and Blop Bass presets (these sounded particularly distorted to me) straight out of the control board, just playing octaves between c3 and c6.

The “analog” waveforms (saw, square and triangle) are antialiased. Not the other ones - and they happen to be the waveforms used in these patches. Also, the raw output of the control board is not meant to be played/recorded directly - it has an extremely strong 39kHz component (which can be aliased), it is hot (5V pp) and has a DC offset.

Oh ok, I was just being paranoid then :slight_smile:
So just to ease my mind before I put it back in the case again, here’s the Sexy Boy preset from the filter. Does this sound distorted to you?


No anomaly / strangeness that shouldn’t be there!

(Note that a simple sawtooth wave on osc 1 / “none” on osc 2 is a much better set-up for detecting problems).