Does this exist?

I have a feeling no, but wondering if there is a DIY drum sample playback thingy out there somewhere. Something really simple. sort of like this but midi, not modular, not even that many sounds, no sequencer.

If not I suppose I could use as an excuse to get into arduino dev

It sort of like the drum machine side of the anushri, but say 12 or 16bit and without the sequencer.

I have a sonic potion lxr and like the idea of having a simple add on device for just playback of more straightforward drum samples to augment drum synthesis. Maybe my use case is too specific. I saw that eme module in Martin Dubka little modular setup and it got my thinking, but I don’t want to go modular, f*ckin hate modular. : )

Why don’t you just use the LXR to play the samples ?

@fcd72: Internal sample memory is limited to ~500kB, when I said it didn’t be 100 samples like emw, I didn’t necessarily mean that 12 sounds at 22.2 khz would do either, ; )

Plus I actually use the lxr included samples (which actually are transient samples) as intended which is to add transient detail on top of the sound your synthesizing, I find the way this works on the lxr to be really good, but its different than needing a 909 clap to compliment the drum pattern.

I more want something to extend the lxr sound palette,i.e. want to be able to play linndrum, dmx, drumtracks, etc type samples as thats a sound the lxr doesn’t really do well. And sure I could use my mpc1000 but I’m trying to make a more standalone drum unit racked up next to the lxr, and would like something small without a sequencer.


Wait a second, the LXR can also play back custom drum samples? That just made it even cooler than it already was in my book.

@djversus01: This AKAI MP8X sounds like what you want. It isn’t too impressive though…

@audiohoarder: I totally considered the mp8x! there also coming out with a 16x version I think. Thats my fall back. Thanks for the suggestion.

If they add a few separate outs to the revision, I could see it being much more useful than it is. Or if they add some DIN/minijack MIDI, but I wouldn’t expect that. Honestly, you can’t do better than a DAW at the moment for separate drum sample processing. That may be too in-the-box for use with your LXR though.

from the thread fcd72 postd:

but remember it won’t be a full fledged electribe sx
internal sample memory is limited to ~500kB
and you have to flash the samples from the SD card there, which is not possible during playback.
So it’s a nice addition for some sample fun but won’t satisfy all your sample needs.

see here mpx16

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that update. That seems much more useful than the 8X. Too bad they didn’t expand the parameters a bit more, it could be used for much more than drums if they really wanted it to. I also hope that the decay acts as a release setting too because having a drum cut out suddenly when you let go of a pad wouldn’t sound natural at all…

Yea, my hopes aren’t too high, post acquisition akai being what it is. Plus who knows when it will even be out. We’re still waiting on DA WOLF

I know what you mean, but the MPK series still gets top praises from me.
It is a shame because the companies bought by Numark have several great sound tools that would be easy to update and re-release. I wouldn’t mind seeing an updated Air FX.

maybe I go more left field instead and try something like the micro granny. Although in all honest I don’t really find the whole granular sound that useful, being a non idm type. Heh.

love all that bastl is doing, hope they do more!

@audiohoarder: yea I was maybe being too harsh. ; )

Hmmm… I think that for what you want, just uploading the samples to the LXR would be better than a microGranny 2. Not that it wouldn’t be fun! :slight_smile:

Heh, yea maybe your right. Sigh, back to the drawing board.


@fcd72: I see in the new sample loading feature, lxr you use the osc to play back samples, not the clk page stuff. My bad.

Still I think for me the whole issue is the limited sample memory and needing to do the processing / lowering sample rate, doubling speed thing. Plus I want to have all lxr synth voices available to combine with triggered samples. But maybe I can make do.

So then what the hell do I put next to the LXR in that big gaping hole? ; )

@fcd7s: HAHAHA. Awesome. I thought about an s950 actually. or emu. Nice