Does the "ringfield" firmware update totally alter the functionality of Elements?

I’ve recently purchased a used Elements module that has had the ringfield update. I’ve made certain that the Resonator section is in the Original mode (one blink), but no matter what I do, it seems like all the knobs in the Exciter section don’t do what I see them doing in online videos that give overviews of the module. Most vexing is that, with Blow and Strike all the way down, but with Bow turned up, I get nothing. Bow seems to only act as a tuning knob for the overtones when I do have Blow and/or Strike turned up. Is this a symptom of the firmware? Is there a way to reset? Anyone else ever have this, or is there a malfunction in my module? Thanks.

Try to load the stock firmware again. Get used to the module with that, then if you still need the extra you can use an alternative firmware.

It doesn’t sound like your Elements is experiencing any unusual issues.

Bow tends to agree more with longer gates (i.e. sustained notes). If you have a keyboard that puts out CV/gate, try holding down a note with the Contour fully clockwise.

It will actually continue to drone on as long as the gate is held high…even with Blow and Strike fully turned down.

Does it sound like an FM synth overall? The easter egg might be active.

"Does it sound like an FM synth overall? The easter egg might be active."

ah, yes. It does sound like that and I think the easter egg might indeed be active. In fact, the Mallet knob doesn’t seem to be scrolling through any different strike options either. I will report back if I’m able to “fix” that. Thanks!

many thanks. that was the issue. Good to know about easter eggs.