Does the Anushri drums midi out send CC data?

And if it doesn´t, where do I change the firmware, for drumsound, mix and filter?
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I don’t understand your question.

What kind of CC data do you want to transmit?

I want to send the controls that change the sounds of the drums (107-112)…

Anushri doesn’t send CCs.

Oh, what a pity. Thanks for your quick answer!

You can setup your DAW and controller to send out the relevant controller data, edit the parameters on your MIDI controller, and record it in your DAW that way, so you don’t really need the Anushri to send out control tweaks.


That´s true, but I want to trigger analog drums from the MIDI out (learning to arduino…), and it would have been nice to have some CVs with that. Well, looks like I have to ignore all the nice knobs :frowning:
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If you’re learning arduino, it might end up being easier copying the Anushri drum synthesis engine into your own device.

Like this

@pichenettes how easy would it be to recode the drum synthesis to work with a 12-bit DAC chip?


0 line of code to change: what you want to do is change the way the audio samples are output, not the way they are synthesized.

That´s a great suggestion, the Arduino would get bored just translating the same three notes over and over again…
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