Does that sound normal?

Hello there,

I feel like some patches display quite some aliasing, and especially at release point. Could you guys please check this clip and tell me if it sounds normal to you:


This is not normal.

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Thanks for the insight. Any idea about possible causes?

Which filter board are you using? Did you build this yourself? Self-sourced or from a kit?

4PM filter board - Yes, I built it - Kit from TubeOhm

Have you correctly set the filter type to 4PM?

Yes the system filter parameter is correctly set at 4pm.

Here’s another example with the junon patch:

Hi , yes ther is a kind of distort sound… That is not normal . But the second file seems ok .
This are bad soundexamples to hear anything . best you take a sin - or saw and filter it .

Hi Andre, thanks for chiming in.

Here’s a single filtered saw:

I’m passing by, so I’m just upping this as I have no answer on this.
Does the “Shruthi 4” release sound normal to you?