Does Rings make crunch sounds for others?

Hi again,

I hope this doesn’t turn out as-silly-a question as my last one!

I’ve been getting some “crunching” sounds from Rings and can’t figure out if they’re meant to be there. I was hoping someone could tell me what they are and whether they’re artefacts of physical modelling? I’ve had them from buying the module new but I took a bit of a break from modular and coming back to it I can’t figure out what’s causing the noise.

On this occasion it didn’t appear to be the audio interface clipping but that’s what the sounds remind me of - a squelchy distortion-like crunch. It can happen through either the ODD or EVEN output.

I’ve uploaded a track to Soundcloud (Stream Rings Beads Crunch 24Apr22 by Matthew Sugden 1 | Listen online for free on SoundCloud) where I’m passing Rings through Beads and then taking Beads out of the signal path (to eliminate it as a variable) for a dry Rings signal. Although after compressing and uploading it’s less noticeable it can be head at:

Wet: 1s right / 21-23s right
Dry: 42-44s left / 4.38 - 4.40 right
(and throughout).



Can you capture this in a wav file and upload it here?

Thank you for such a quick response! Hopefully this link should work:

I had a look and a listen at the file, and I don’t find anything unusual. Can you give a more precise time-stamp, or maybe show a screenshot of the portion of the waveform you find odd?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong (besides my inexperience :laughing: ) but I would love to understand what causes the sound I’m hearing.

I’ve uploaded a more focussed WAV and some JPGs of the waveforms. The pattern of the crunch goes Left Left Left Right Right Right Right.

It’s the same spikey oscillation at the start of the waveform (the rest of which is much smoother) that seems to cause what I’m hearing. I’ve attached a picture called Spike that I hope explains it better than I am.

Are in modal or string mode? How is the module patched? Do you rely on the automatic detection of changes on the V/O input, or do you have a signal patched in the STRUM input (or IN)?

I see 4 possible explanations (possibly combination of them):

  • The pitch still fluctuating on the V/O input while the module receives the STRUM trigger, causing it to generate an excitation burst shorter than the period of the note.
  • Possible double triggering on the STRUM input due to a glitchy trigger signal.
  • Possible double triggering of the internal exciter due to a glitchy V/O signal.
  • The occasional randomness of the noise burst.

I’m fairly sure I patched V/Oct and STRUM directly into Rings from Marbles x and t, and then took the outputs from Rings directly into the audio interface to reduce the number of variables… But for the life of me I can’t remember which mode I was in.

I’ll have another play in the next few days and see.