Does anyone know the best guitar brand to use?

I have been trying to look for a suitable guitar but I can’t find one. I’m looking for an acoustic guitar.

I’m no guitarist, but I believe Martin Guitars are very good

There are a huge range of acoustic guitars to suit all prices! Also, two guitars of the same model from the same company can sound and play very differently - it’s definitely worth trying them out - find a nearby shop and go and play some…

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It depends on how much you are looking to spend, and what you mean by “best”. Best bang for the buck? Most expensive? Best guitar for say $1000?
But, if money was no issue, and I’d be looking for a nice acoustic, I’d probably go for a Collings or a Santa Cruz.

Can’t find acoustic guitar, comes to modular synthesiser forum.
Maybe its just me, but I think you’re doing it wrong?

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Last comment make me really laugh :grin:
The truth is probably between forestcaver and luap answer :wink:

Good luck for your research and do not hesitate to support your local guitar shop

The pessimist in me says that sometime in the not too distant future, a URL of ill repute will be deposited somewhere within this thread (In other words, SPAM)
The optimist in me however would strongly recommend Mutable Instruments Rings to our new guest, MusicGeek123, as it can emit some beautiful acoustic guitar-like tones given some careful and thoughtful knob twiddling.

Going on past experience (IE, i’ve spent way too much time on the internet) It’s most likely the former… :neutral_face: