Does anyone know of any other synth kits out there?


I’ve got an Ambika, Shruthi, and PreenFm2 done here. I’m looking for a preset recallable VCO based synth module that can be built. I haven’t found any that actually fit this description. Either mono or poly would do, I definitely need more VCOs running around my studio.


Well, there’s Anushri but it doesn’t (really) have presets.

A larger / more expensive build, but Deckards Dream fits the bill:


Ah overlooked the Anrushi, but Id prefer full control. The Deckard’s dream is way out of budget for now, but I’ve always wanted a cs80 clone mmmmm…

Even 'though the Anushri does not store patches, it is a really cool synth and lots of fun to fool with. The built-in sequencer and drums are handy. You could also build another Shruthi. There are various filter boards out there. I have 6 Shruthis currently (had seven, sold one), and use all of them as a single poly-synth, hooked to a MIDIPal and controlled from a Roland A70.