Does anyone have one spare side panel for standard shruthi case?

Hi all, been a while.

I posted my shruthi, and the bloody posties broke the side panel, and cracked the back.

Does anyone have a spare side panel, if theyve upgraded or whatever, they could send me if i paid postage, a nominal amount for it? Or if theres any small components or anything you might want to trade?

Mine is the slotted side panel, but any would do…

Id be ever so grateful… rather not pay for a full enclosure…

please email paradigmx AT paradigmx DOT com

Many thanks, Ben

What color?

fcd72 always carries some in his left pocket, next to his usb stick.

i have dropbox, i don’t need usb sticks anymore - well expect in my car…

clear/see thru. although im really not fussed if its a different colour

thanks, Ben :smiley:

Drop me a line with your address - i have 2 surprise color ones :wink:

youre a diamond, i have email you

many thanks