Does anyone have an Idea for a simple eurorack tuner module?

I asked this at muffs but no replies…

Something really simple, only 1 input and a LED that would light up at 440

Maybe it’s not worth the effort and I’m better off with a US$10 Korg guitar tuner? haha

It’s a pain having to tune the modular only with VST’s. I wanna move away from the PC.


PS: Something that would be not very complex to lay on veroboard.

I use this - works perfect :wink:

I use this iPhone app, or the frequency function on the multimeter

It only tunes in italian…


Yep this module kicks ass, but a bit overkill for what I had in mind!

If I had funds I would get it.

I have blank panels, veroboard and lots of components, though :smiley:

I have found this project:

But I think it’s a bit complex to lay on veroboard, plus, I really don’t need all it’s features…

If I had the knowledge I would use it as reference to build only the tuner part, very simple.

But I totally suck at reading schematics hehe

Build a small digital 440 Hz reference like this ?


You know that I had checked this site yesterday but only know it came to me that this is even an easier solution

Can build one of these, very simple, put behind a 4HP panel or even smaller, just 1 output.

Well, now come the great question:

I can see it’s supposed to be powered by +15 - 15v

Do you think it’s gonna work with +12 -12 without mods?




Just to inform that, for the ones interested in building this reference oscillator, you will have to contact Dave Brown to purchase the pre-programmed atmega that will generate the 440hz.

Also, you will need MAX7401 wich is nowhere to be found except mouser (U$7,40 a piece)

Other than that it’s dirty cheap.