Does anybody remember?

Many years ago I vaguely recall reading an article about a huge synth which was custom built for a member of the Ferrari family. There was an album recorded which was truly awful (more money than talent I suspect) and the artist and synth promptly disappeared.
Does anyone remember who this was or what happened to the synth?

Posting to hear more about this topic…

You got me intrigued now, what with all this name dropping!

Digital/vintage synth? Luc Ferrari?

I’m certain (90%) it would have been analogue… I don’t think digitals were around at the time and as I remember he wouldn’t have been old enough to be Luc Ferrari. I think the person in question was a great nephew of Enzo Ferrari - I just remember seeing him sat in front of a huge synth that looked something like a SSL mixing desk and me being so envious that he had spent a six figure sum on this thing !

It appears that Enzo didn’t have a great nephew so that’s that theory blown!
But I do think the article may have appeared in Future Music magazine if that narrows it down at all?

Are you shure you didnt have some party to much yesterday and its only a faint echo of Mambo Kurts epic performance in your neurons?

I have all the early FM mags - never heard of this

:-)) Could be…
Maybe I’ve just put together 2 gear porn fantasies, in a dream.

Hope that U are outside European Union,
as from 2014
gear porn/gear porn fantasy/ fantasy / porn
are indexed as oldspeech.
Criminal proceedings is set 2 hatecrime.
B careful.
Anyway nice dream “ferrari analog”. (

Hatecrime?.. against who? you’re pulling my plonker - surely (ooops - is that another?)

I want to believe.

Just paint a Shruthi red, instant Ferrari.

You’re not thinking of this?

@ gwaidan - WOW! … but no…