Does anybody know of a new, unused Grids module still in stock anywhere?

So, my rack is sitting around 60% MI, and it’s wonderful. But it lacks proper drum control. I’ve looked at Trigger Riot and Euclidean Circles. I have Beatstep Pro and Drumbrute Impact. But none of them have the simplicity and order that Grids has. So, I ordered a clone, but I got a faulty unit - It constantly jumps back to Euclidean mode, I cannot access topographic.

No naming the manufacturer, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m wondering, if there are by chance any new, unused modules still in stock anywhere, do any of you know where I can get one? I prefer originals over clones, I’m hitting around 180hp of original MI modules now, and would rather support the real deal when possible. Wigglehunt shows a new module available in some shop in Norway or Denmark, but they never replied to me, and review checks showed many unhappy customers regarding their service, so that’s a write-off. I’ll bite the bullet and buy used if I have to, but I really do prefer to buy new, so I know that it hasn’t been mistreated.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I found and bough an used on on a couple of weeks ago.
Unused will be perfect, but maybe you`ll have to compromise with “used”.
Also, mine came with the advances setting configured all to the opposite of what I would choose, had to change them one the spot. Have you confirm that advances settings are set correctly on yours?

Apparently, there is a common defect with a certain clone that prevents it from saving settings. I’ve already got several support requests about it.

As per the rules, I’m not going to go into any discussion or details about the clone. I have one, and that’s the only thing I’ll say about it. I’m here to discuss any possibility of getting my hands on a genuine copy, made by Emilie and MI. Used is acceptable, but I thought I’d ask about new just in case anybody knew of any unicorns out there. Over half of my rack is genuine MI, and I prefer to keep it that way. I’m still looking for Grids, Branches, Peaks, and possibly Shelves, plus Blades is on the list. Whenever possible, I want to support the original creator, rather than others who profit off her work. When that can’t be, then a used original is okay. I just got the clone because I really wanted Grids and no genuine copies were available at the time.

I knew of some six months ago or so, but I just checked and they’re gone now. Try guitar shops and the like that most people deep into eurorack don’t use. It was a big national chain that had them.

Quick … ② Eurorack Grids / Erica spring reverb — Effets — 2ememain

I’m not sure where you are, but you can reply in English, there’ll be no problem.

Good luck.

Thank you! I can read the French okay, I passed a semester at university as my 3rd romance language, so that’s okay. I can’t really answer in it, but I can read it well enough. Given the news, I’m also throwing down on Blades next week, but Grids is crucial to me for drums, as I come from a DJ background, and I’m building my rack as a groovebox, rather than an ambient/noise machine like so many others do. For me, Rings sounds best in FM mode, and Beads needs to be clocked. I want rhythm and syncopation, not random meanderings. Not quite sure how I’ll patch it yet, but I’ll find a way.

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No problem for the French, however the person selling lives in Flanders, so speaks Flemish/Dutch (not French). Anyhow, I hope you saw the advert in time and managed to get a message to them.

As for Blades, I just got one a week ago and am really enjoying it. It has all the possibilities of many of the dual/stereo filters, yet at the same time I find the sound much more sophisticated and rounded, which for me is perfect.

I spoke to my vendor, Blades are all gone here, so I missed that one. I’ll be going with the Intellijel Morgasmatron instead. It’s a bit more growly and aggressive, but there’s not really much in my rack that has that, so it’ll do it some good to have some new flavor to it. .

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If you’re in EU, you could check here:

Hey, much appreciated, but… Given that I live in Asia (South Korea) my credit card depends on staggered payments from local vendors, and also the steep SK tariffs. Buying direct from overseas means a few different hurdles - 1: payments must be in full, straight up; 2: Import tariffs make anything above $150 US taxable at 20-30%, and; 3: Shipping costs for single items is prohibitive compared to the cost savings given by the distributor’s bulk purchasing agreements.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your response, but you’re posting for a Blades, not a Grids. I can quite happily go for a Morgasmatron instead of Blades, so I don’t feel a loss there. It’s just that Grids does Drums in a different way than other modules, so in that instance, I’m willing to bite down on the extra costs and hassle. For a dual filter though, I have a lot of choices, that work within the SK system and my financial limits. I’d have happily got Blades just to have supported Emilie, but now that window has closed, the Morgasmatron will be a great addition, and I still know that I spent a lot of money and dedication towards supporting her before the curtain dropped.

I’m also looking for a new one but have found that even the used are going very quick now. Interesting to see a “common” module that people had perhaps become a bit bored of become in demand again.

I’m also trying to get real grids. Not a fan of the mods making it smaller, that’s half the fun gone.

Good luck to me! I just found a genuine Grids in the local used market, for just $230. The best part? It’s my birthday. I found an original Grids on my bloody birthday.