Doepfer Drehbank to control ambika?

hey all for thoughs of you who don’t know me i’m trey from the uk and i’m totally blind.

thoughs of you who’ve seen my posts on here before will know that i really really want an ambika! but
the standard interface would be pretty hard for a totally blind person i think. But after some thought i reckon that with the rite hardware midi controller ide be able to use the ambika but do people think the Doepfer Drehbank pared with the ambika would be the rite solution and allow me to have the digital hardware synth I’ve always wanted?

your help with this question would be most welcome kind regards trey.

Well it will at least have more than enough knobs! Just remember there will still be lot’s of functions you can’t reach with midi CC’s … Like loading and saving patches.

The only problem is the Drehbank is no longer made. The BCR2000 is, but needs programming first.

The Faderfox PC4 has 24 pots and is relatively easy to set up. I would recommend using a computer-based editor with decent accessibility support in addition to any hardware controller, at least for patch management.

6581punk ... The bcr2000 works with encoders and needs visual ques from the led rings to be operated. I think he needs something with pots on it.soundwarroir20 Have you considered synths that already have a knobby interface like the virus or nordlead? Or a vintage synth like the June 60?
How do you orrientate yourself in the synth market?

True, but then I’d imagine it would be a case of turn the knob and listen to the result, rather than worry about if you’re 50% of the way through the range of the parameter?

Like I said, finding the Drehbank for sale is not easy.

Even modern knobby synths tend to have menus and the like. The exception being the MFB Dominion 1, which has a very simple multi position knob for some very basic settings. I find it a very good synth for sound editing. Same with the Minibrute and Microbrute, except no patch saving on those.

Doepfer have those diy midi controllers. I remember there is one with 64 analog inputs that could be turned into a controller relatively easy. Don’t know if they still sell them.

They do…and not to forget to mention the use of the “mouse piano” switches to setup the MIDI channels an the Drehbank. And that you need to write down a “map” of the assigned controller CCs, as there is not much space in the panel of the Drehbank…

Again, take a look at the PC4. It’s CC-only, but very easy to setup using “MIDI learn” and features quick bank switching.

hey guys thanks for your help so far :slight_smile: a lot of software editors are not accessible because of there graphical nature.

i know there are some elements of the ambika i will have to access buy remembering the process and thats cool with me.

i already have plenty of analogue synths and to me the ambika is my dream digital synth.

how would i control most of the functions of the ambika with the fader fox pcs24 if it only has 24 knobs?

also i find theres know real difference in turms of knobs or encoders.

the doepfer DIY solution with 64 possible controls looks promising does it have maultiple controller banks or just one?

also would any one be able to build me the deeper DIY solution and set it up with the ambika if i could source all the parts and pay them?

i’m really not sure about the bcr2000 as I’ve herd the build qualities crap.

your help with these questions would be most welcome kind regards trey.

I’ve got a BCR2000 for a long time and it has always worked fine… And they are very cheap second hand they go for about €100 here.

BCR2000 is metal cased. It’s pretty good IMHO. Even has an internal PSU.

But it doesn’t have enough controls for your purposes.

ok so with the faderfox one would it have enough controls for my purposes? and would the fact that theres no nrpn support be a problem?

also does the doepfer diy solution have nrpn support and would some one on here be able to build it for me if i payd them? also does it have support for multiple controller banks?

your help with this question would be most welcome kind regards trey.

I don’t think the Ambika has any parameters with a higher resolution than CC provides. You can page om the Faderfox to access more than 24 parameters, or you can simply get another one.

cool i red some thing in the ambika manual saying that it uses nrpn’s for some aspects of midi control.

regarding the faderfox pc4 would 16 banks of 24 knobs each be enough to control all of the ambikas functions that can be controlled via midi or would i need a controller with more knobs?

your help with this question would be most welcome kind regards trey.

I don’t think the Doepfer DIY is programmable, so you’re restricted to two banks (cc 1-64 and cc 65-128) which is only useful with midi learn on soft synths. I have a Drehbank and it can be programmed for any midi cc and nrpn. I think it would be ideal for what you want, although the knobs are rather close together and you might have trouble finding the right one quickly - it can be difficult even for a sighted person to pick out the right one from the grid of identical looking knobs.

thanks :slight_smile: how many controller banks are on the dhrebank? is it 2 or 4? and would i be able to access most of the ambikas functions with a dhrebank?

your help with these questions would be most welcome kind regards trey.

There are a number of pre-programmed banks for old 1990s synths and two programmable banks, which you can alternate between at the push of a switch. I think you can also possibly re-programme the other pre-programmed banks but I’ve never tried. The Doepfer editor won’t run on recent versions of Windows, but there is a third party free editor that works fine. I’m not familiar with the ambika midi spec, but the Drehbank can be programmed to send any type of midi controller, so it shouldn’t be a problem. There are also 8 cv inputs for cv to midi conversion.

I set up an editor for Ambika on my Novation SL MkII and it works very well. The Novation has encoders, knobs, buttons, pads and sliders that can be programmed to edit the Ambika very nicely. There is a version without a keyboard for less money.

Definitely want the MKII SL, the MKI has a bug in the firmware where it tries to read non-existent mod wheel and pitch bend and sends random CC1 and PB events as a result. It means having to very carefully disable both controllers (it’s not easy) for every template.

The MKII editor has these two controllers visible in the editor so you can easily disable them.