Documenting LCD 'MIDI messages' in the reference manual

@Olivier: While I was initially struggling to get the wonderful Ctrlr Shruthi-1 panel working I noticed various symbols appearing in the LCD display when I sent it MIDI data.

Some were obvious ( the note symbol means incoming MIDI note data detected), others such as ~ I guessed were incoming sysex data, but I noticed a few few that weren’t so obvious, such as !

Would it be useful to document all these symbols in a little table in the reference manual to help when troubleshooting?



Good idea, I have updated the manual.

Excellent - quick work Olivier! :slight_smile:

And if anyone else is trying to find these additions, do a search on this page for “Display status symbols” :wink:

shruthi1 manual


I also noticed a number of oscillator shapes that are not mentioned in the manual. Most of them are easy to discern, but I was wondering what ‘polatd’, ‘clpswp’ were taken from? thanks.