Doboz TSNM

Just saw this, looks amazing.
The pressure sensitivity, looks really nice and responsive.

I’ve been wondering about getting an XIIO from him, but now i have to wait for this to come out.

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That does look nice!
I have his Prizma and Prizma+ modules, too. Both are pretty cool.


I have a Prizma as well. Doboz makes some very interesting modules! And I like the look of this one too…

Very cool! I have the Prizma and the XIOO.
Also great that these are DIY! Coolest DIY projects out there!

Just built one up this morning! This thing is great so far, haven’t really tried the sequencer yet, but the internal quantizer, “pressure,” glide, and the arpeggiator have me tickled pink. Not an extremely difficult build, the 0603 SMD components are small, but the board has plenty of space.

One note, the BOM calls for a MPR121 breakout board. In the build guide it says:

“MPR121 breakout boards differ from each other. If despite proper calibration the module still
behaves strangely get another MPR121 board from a different supplier. In our experience blue
boards perform best. Black ones are usually alright too,”

Please not that the blue boards are not the adafruit ones. The pin out is different.

Did you get one from the first batch? I missed out, but was hoping to be on the waitlist for the 2nd batch, that was meant to arrive around this time.

Second modular addict batch preorder. Looks like they’re sold out of the 3u at the moment.

Mine is one the way, now :slight_smile:

Just looking through the BOM, though, and it looks like it’s going to be an expensive project.

I’ve been enjoying mine quite a bit. I made the mistake of ordering the Adafruit MPR121 board for quick shipping (all other sources were coming from China with a month or longer waiting time). The Adafruit pinout is different than the “standard issue” boards from ebay, etc., but with a little creativity I was able to make it work (details in this muffwiggler thread). It sounds like the MPR121 boards are kind of a crapshoot unfortunately, so maybe I’ll just cleanup my hackjob and call it good.

As far as the functionality, there is a bit of a learning curve with the menu system, but there are a lot of features packed in. Built in portamento, slew limiting on the “pressure,” preset saving/loading, arpeggios, and I haven’t even looked at the sequencer mode yet. I put this together this morning and am having tons of fun with it, I’m getting 2 tactile controls from the joystick, pressure / gate / pitch from TSNM, and I threw the decaying analog noise in just for fun, can trigger it from the joystick gate button or the TSNM trigger output.

I bought one built for my elements recently and am unable to get the gates and triggers working.
Everything else seems to work as expected.
Wondering if you experienced this problem as well and if it has anything to do with C10 being left off the board.

For those interested, I’ve recorded an in depth review